Send a prewritten email to the Seattle Mayor on Parks and Open Space

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Prewritten letter:
I want to draw your attention to the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan’s Parks and Open Space element. They endanger our environmental sustainability. Please investigate and consider revising the proposed Comprehensive Plan such that: The referenced 2006 Seattle Parks and Recreation Development Plan’s quantitative metric/goal (1 acre of open space per 100 people) is retained as policy, and increase in the amount of open space required in all land use zones except single family. For the single family zone, please remove reference to ‘acceptable goals’ (acceptable goals are 1/3 that of desirable goals). Remove the proposed new goal of being ‘reasonable’ about open space land acquisition. (P1.2) We are losing record amounts of ‘private’ open space to development. Acquisition of new ‘public’ open space should be making up for those losses. Without sufficient green space to mitigate the ill-effects of urbanization, Seattle will become denser but it will no longer be sustainable, livable, ecologically responsible or environmentally just. Thank you for your attention to this and for your commitment Seattle’s future.