TreePAC Board

John Barber is a former member of the Seattle Parks Board and serves as Chair of the citywide Friends of Street Ends and of the Parks and Greenspaces Committee of the Leschi Community Council, and past chair of Open Space Advocates.  He is a p-patch gardener, native plant steward, urban forest steward and has worked on a number of park projects in the Leschi neighborhood, including Leschi Natural Area, Frink, Flo Ware, and Powell Barnett Parks, and Lake Washington Boulevard.

Richard Ellison, founder of Save Seattle’s Trees, is an Adjunct Professor at Seattle area colleges teaching environmental science and biology.  In 1996 he spearheaded a development appeal to protect 24 big U-district trees, which eventually reached the 1997 Seattle City Council. While the Council denied most of the appeal, it protected the tallest Chinese Tree Privet in Washington State with a $2500 bond, the first tree bond ever in Seattle. He was also a member of Councilmember Jan Drago’s Urban Forest Task Force from 1997-2000.

Ken Jacobsen was a Democratic Party member of the State Senate in Washington, United States. He was elected to represent the 46th Legislative District in the Washington State House of Representatives in 1982 and was subsequently reelected for six more terms. He was appointed (and subsequently elected) to the State Senate in 1997, and served as Senator though 2010. He served as the Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman in 2003, the Majority Caucus Vice Chairman in 1999 and 2001, and he is a former chair of the House Higher Education Committee. He was the chair of the Senate Natural Resources, Oceans and Recreation Committee, and also served on the Transportation Committee, the Higher Education & Workforce Development Committee and the Agriculture and Rural Economic Development Committee.

Catherine Morrison is executive director of City Fruit, a non-profit group dedicated to preserving the urban fruit tree canopy. Her 12 year career in public health has focused on creating social and physical environments that build healthy communities. Kate has traveled to nearly all 50 states working with local coalitions and organizations to create public health policy focused on health education, healthcare distribution, and Alzheimer’s disease. She is an experienced political organizer, having worked on ten campaigns through four states. Kate is passionate about the power of trees to build healthy communities. She lives in the Greenwood neighborhood with her husband Andrew, six cherry trees, and a Hollywood Plum tree they planted last year.

Joyce Moty is currently a board member of GROW, the non-profit advocate for the Seattle P-Patch Program and member of the Lifelong Recreation Council for Seattle Parks and Recreation. She is a native plant and urban forest steward and long time volunteer in southeast Seattle parks. She worked on the Protect Our Parks Citizen Initiative #42 that became Seattle City Ordinance #118477 that prevents park land from being developed into non-park uses without equal replacement. This ordinance saved what is today Bradner Gardens Park from becoming a development of 18 market rate houses.

Judy Olson is currently a board member for Thornton Creek Alliance, a grassroots non-profit dedicated to preserving and restoring the health of the watershed. She has been a Master Gardener for 12 years and volunteers in the Diagnostic Lab at the CUH and the University District Farmer’s Market. Judy and her husband retired to Seattle from the Great Lakes region, drawn by the mountains, the water and the trees. She is concerned about the loss of canopy and habitat throughout the city and changes in policy that put Seattle’s parks, urban forests, and natural areas at risk.

Judy is a lifelong advocate for children and families, and has served on several boards. In 1986 she founded the Greater Rochester Attention Deficit Association, GRADDA, a group that promotes availability of information and advocacy, education and training opportunities for individuals with ADD.

Cass Turnbull is founder and president of PlantAmnesty, a 25 year old, 1,200 member, non-profit group to promote better pruning. Cass Turnbull is also owner of Cass Turnbull Gardening Services and author of the popular garden book, Cass Turnbull’s Guide to Pruning. Cass is the founding member and president of TreePAC and is active in efforts to convert surplus city property to open space and parks for Seattle residents.

Steve Zemke is currently The Vice-Chair of the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission, serving in the wildlife biologist position. Steve also serves as Chair of the Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest which is active in promoting a long needed update to Seattle’s tree protection ordinance. Their website is at They also have a facebook page – Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest.

Steve was the founder and Chair of Save the Trees – Seattle. They were the main organization behind the effort to save a madrone conifer forest area of about 120 trees in the NW corner of the Ingraham High School campus in North Seattle. His group also helped to pass an interim update to the current tree protection laws in Seattle. He  proposed the idea of an Urban Forestry Commission for the City of Seattle which Seattle City Councilman Nick Licata championed as legislation and which the Seattle City Council passed.