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Click on this link to read the question sent to all the 2019 Seattle City Council Primary candidates regarding updating Seattle’s Tree Protection Ordinance

Primary Question sent to Seattle City Council Candidates

Candidates responses:
note -not all responded to 2 emails sent

Lisa Herbold – District 1

As a current City Councilmember she voted for Resolution 31870

Tammy Morales – District 2 

“I support this resolution because residents in South Seattle and Georgetown deserve green spaces and clean air. However, improvements in our neighborhoods should not be accompanied by gentrification and displacement. The city should put in place anti-displacement strategies so existing residents can live and enjoy their neighborhoods as they improve.”

Mark Solomon  District 2

“Yes, I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870”

Omar Tahari-Garrett – District 2


Logan Bowers – District 3

Logan supports section 6 of resolution 31870.

“Seattle is a verdant city, and healthy trees improve our health and environment. Trees have many functions in the city including improving air quality, reducing the heat island effect and stabilizing soil. It is our responsibility to maintain tree health and protect Seattle’s significant trees.”

Pat Mukakami – District 3

“Yes, I would absolutely support this section of the resolution.

I would also ensure any and all in-lieu fees are adequate to cover the cost of the replacement trees as well as the cost of planting and maintaining the trees until fully established. I also support additional requirements to replace the complete diameter of any removed trees. A 20” tree cannot be replaced with a 2” tree in diameter. I would require 10 – 2” trees be planted as the replacement for the 20” tree.
Trees are essential to our future, both to fight carbon emissions and to keep the entire area cooler as global warming becomes increasingly impactful.”

Kshama Sawant – District 3

As a current Councilmember she voted for Council Resolution 31870

Joshua Newman – District 4

Yes, I support Section 6.

“Urban forestry is critical to Seattle’s identity as the Emerald City, and for our future. As we increase population density, we must look to urban forestry techniques to help address climate change, filter storm water runoff, and soften the urban environment with calming, organic life.”

“Yes I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870

I have supported more tree protections for years. We need accountability with stronger laws and enforcement to protect our canopy.  While other candidates talk about planting trees, we must protect the big ones we already have. Larger trees, especially conifers, deliver health and environmental benefits. Let’s remain the Emerald City.”

Heidi Stuber – District 4

“Yes, I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870.

Trees are important for the livability of our city and are an important carbon sinks. I particularly like that this resolution tracks tree removal and replacement and will look into in-lieu fees for tree replacement. That way, if a developer removes trees on one site, we are still adding to our urban forest somewhere else.”

Cathy Tuttle – District 4 

Cathy Tuttle supports Section 6 of Resolution 31870.

“The City of Seattle has a goal of 30% tree canopy coverage by 2037. To reach that goal, we need to protect our largest and oldest trees that store carbon, reduce urban heat island effect and reduce pollution. I support recommendations made by the Urban Forestry Commission.”

Debra Juarez – District 5

As a current Councilmember she voted for Council Resolution 31870

“I support Resolution 31870 Section 6 regarding Seattle’s urban forest in full.

As chair of the Parks Committee, I am committed to maintaining and expanding tree cover in Seattle. I will work to advance the goals of the Urban Forestry Stewardship Plan across the city.”

John Lombard – District 5

“Hell, yes, I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870!

We should have done this long ago–at the very least, concurrent with MHA and before the ADU legislation.  We can’t continue to repeat the recent clear-cut travesty at 11347 20th Ave NE.”

Tyla Mahoney – District 5

Yes I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870.

With an emphasis on subsections C & D.

Ann Davison Sattler – District 5 

“Yes, because recent studies have shown that planting trees is the best way to combat climate change. Beyond that, Seattle lives within a beautiful urban forest and needs smarter, updated policies to best manage our trees.”

Jay Fahti – District 6

“Yes on Section 6 of Resolution 31870”

Jon Lisbin – District 6

“I absolutely support the resolution.

As you know Seattle’s tree canopy is under great pressure from development at all costs. Reforesting our City is one of the most important things we can do to reduce CO2 emissions. I not only support the resolution but will be your advocate on the council to make sure it’s tracked and enforced.”

Dan Strauss – District 6

From his website – “I will prioritize passage of a tree canopy ordinance I am working on at the Council, which creates a tree permitting system similar to Portland. As the world warms, we need to make sure that our trees–and the shade, character, and carbon sequestration they provide–are safe.

Heidi Wills – District 6

Yes I support Section 6.

“I’m a lifelong environmentalist, serving on Conservation NW and Climate Solutions boards. I currently serve on the Sierra Club board and have their endorsement. Trees are needed for wildlife habitat, beauty, and for shade to be climate resilient. I chose a tree for my campaign logo because it best represents my values. We must not only preserve but grow our tree canopy. I’m the only D6 candidate supporting our public golf courses from converting to private development. If elected, I will work with you to protect our trees.”

Michael George – District 7

“Yes I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870.”

Don Harper – District 7

“Yes I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870

strongly support Section 6 of Resolution 31870 and I appreciate the important tree protections in the draft update. When I am on the Council, parks will NOT be sold, tree protection codes will be followed and loopholes allowing their removal will be closed.”

Andrew Lewis – District 7 

“Yes! I am in full support.”

Jim Pugel – District 7

“Yes, I support Section 6 of Resolution 31870.

Seattle is renowned for our parks and green spaces, and that beauty includes our urban tree growth. First and foremost, trees literally make our planet cleaner. Secondly, they make Seattle the city it is where kids can grow up in an urban setting while still experiencing nature through so many truly stunning trees and other urban foliage. Trees brighten the grey of our buildings and streets and provide a necessary reminder of the greatness of nature and how we must preserve and protect our natural gems.”

Jason Williams – District 7

“Yes, I support Section 6 of the Resolution.

Our trees our good for health and wellness and provide a cooling effect in the city. What’s more, connection to nature inspires action on conservation and climate. As our city becomes more dense, we must do more to protect and enhance our tree canopy and natural environment in general.”