2015-16 Seattle City Council Statement of Legislative Intent

The following is the department of legislative intent that was sponsored by Tom Rassmuson and passed by the City Council.

It instructs the Departments to investigate ways that Seattle could retain surplus property for green uses. So, progress is being made, thanks to the work of the Seattle Green Spaces Coalition supported by the work of TreePAC.

View Tom Rassmuson’s Statement of Legislative Intent


Sept 28, international ecosystem service value expert Dave Batker briefed the full City Council — thanks to advocacy by Seattle Green Spaces Coalition and partnership with CM Licata’s office. Mr. Batker is co-founder and exec. director of Tacoma-based Earth Economics, which has helped FEMA, the Army Corps of Engineers, and other federal, state and local agencies incorporate ecosystem service valuation into their operations. Mr. Batker’s presentation proved catalytic.

November 23, 2015, the City Council unanimously approved CM Licata’s Statement of Legislative Intent, directing Facilities & Admin. Services Dept. to create an RFP for assessing Seattle’s green infrastructure, & integrating its ecosystem values into city’s asset portfolio for management, cost-benefit analyses & reporting:

View CM Licata’s Statement of Legislative Intent


2016 Seattle City Council Green Sheet