Tree Apps

This page is an attempt to provide visibility to the various Tree Apps out there, that our supporters might want to test and/or use to further their knowledge of, and ability to PROTECT, local Seattle-area trees. We will post feedback on any or all of them as sent to us (we will keep your name anonymous of course unless you deem otherwise), and go from there – enjoy! Note that we are NOT endorsing any of these either way, just trying to make it easier for people to know what’s out there. We will also indicate whether something is free, ad-driven, or has a $$ cost if we can.

i-TreeUSDA (free) desktop/web/device software for assessing urban and local forest trees

Both IOS and Android:

Tree-App: IOS click here; Android click here; about $3 for either one.

PlantSnap – identifies plants and trees – IOS here; Android here. $3 for Apple one, Android seems to be ad-supported.

Trees CountTexas A&M Forest Service tree inventory app (free)
IOS here; Android here.


Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide: What Tree … ($4.99)

AppCrawlr: search for IOS tree apps (12 shown here)


vTree – Virginia Tech Tree ID (free): Android here.