TreePAC is making change happen

“Are you tired of pleading, asking, arguing and proving that trees have public value? Join TreePAC and make change happen. Together we will be a lobby as powerful as the sports lobby.”       Cass Turnbull, TreePAC founder.

Do you feel like this sometimes?

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Together we can save more trees.

Join TreePAC.

MISSION STATEMENT – The TreePAC mission is to influence citizens, government and businesses to preserve, protect and increase trees and the urban forest.

SELF- EVIDENT TRUTH – The Urban Forest is essential.

Trees improve our communities and health:
they help clean the air and reduce harmful pollutants, reduce noise pollution; create walk-able and bike-able streets, stewardship and recreational opportunities improve property values and community pride. Trees nourish the spirit and our souls. They provide nature, beauty and solace for all in our urban environments.

Trees save money through their green infrastructure services. They reduce stormwater run off, mudslides, urban flooding, and soil erosion They reduce energy costs by moderating the local climate both in the winter and summer. Reducing air pollution helps citizens stay healthy by reducing respiratory and other negative health impacts. A more natural city environment with trees and nature reduces stress and encourages walking and other physical activities for a more healthy lifestyle.

Trees are good for the environment: they increase bio-diversity, provide  habitat for birds, pollinators, and other wildlife. They provide for cleaner streams and a cleaner Puget Sound, and they help mitigate the causes and effects of global climate change.

TreePAC supports and contributes to candidates who care about our trees, lobbies policymakers, and raises awareness of the importance of trees and our urban forest for healthy, livable cities.  We do so by attending meetings and hearings, providing a bi-monthly newsletter on current issues and news, sending emails, holding press conferences and media events, even sometimes protesting, but always working to preserve, protect and enhance our trees and our urban forests. Always we will fight for better laws, funding, and enforcement for protecting our natural environment and keeping our cities livable for all. 



In order to succeed – and we can with your help and the help of  others–we need everybody who cares about trees to join.


To support TreePAC please join by using the Donate button in the upper right of this page to join online, or sending your check for $25 or more to:


c/o Katy Griffith – Treasurer
2131 N 132nd St
Seattle, WA 98133

If you do not want to join online through the Donate button, please click on the following  link and print out the information form and include it with your check.  Thanks.