TreePAC is a Political Action Committee


To support our effort to increase protection for trees, urban forests and open space you can make a donation. Copy this page  and please  provide the following information and send with a check made out to TreePAC .

TreePac Membership
Other Amount:

name: __________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City ________________ State ______zip _______


Phone: _________________________________

Enclose check to TreePAC

Amount ___$25 (basic)   ____$50 (better) _______$100 (really good),

_________$250 (great)$_________other (Max – $500)

The trees thank-you!


Checks over $100, legally must include:

Employer: ______________________

City ______________ State_________

Occupation: _____________________

It’s a public disclosure requirement.


Mail to

TreePAC – Treasurer

Judy Olson

1529 NE Elshin Pl

Seattle, WA 98125