Time to Step Up the Game if We Want to Update the Tree Ordinance!

Coalition for a Stronger Tree Ordinance
Dear Tree Protection Advocates,

Time is drawing short to update Seattle’s Tree Protection Ordinance this year. Seattle continues to lose tree canopy and the Seattle City Council stops considering legislation in October and November to deal with the budget. So we are left with 3 months – July, August and September – for an updated ordinance to be passed out of Councilmember Sally Bagshaw’s Finance and Neighborhoods Committee and then voted on by the full Council.

This update process started 10 years ago in 2009  and was resumed again in late 2017 by Councilmember Johnson who held a number of hearings and created at least 7 drafts. Councilmember Johnson unfortunately resigned before finishing the process.

2019 is an election year with 7 of the 9 Seattle City Council seats up for election. Four of the incumbents are not re-running, including Councilmember Bagshaw. We are close to a final draft and need to finish the process this year rather than start over with a slew of new Councilmembers next year.

At Councilmember Bagshaw’s request, the Seattle Urban Forestry Commission submitted a draft ordinance to her two weeks ago. Councilmember Bagshaw, the rest of the City Council and Mayor Durkan need to hear from the public that it is now time to move froward and restart hearings before the Neighborhood and Finance Committee on updating the Tree Protection Ordinance.

As part of the Mandatory Housing Affordability Ordinance  (MHA) being passage in April, the Council passed an accompanying resolution outlining their support for 8 major items. The Urban Forestry Commission agrees with the Council and  addresses all these  issues.

Please contact the Mayor and City Council and urge they act now. Ten years is long enough!
jenny.durkan@seattle.gov and Council@seattle.gov

And join us this Saturday to discuss our next steps.. We need your help to make this happen. Let’s put an end to the continued unnecessary removal of our trees, especially the large ones, and the clearcutting of lots for development.

Coalition for a Stronger Tree Ordinance
Campaign Planning Workshop on Updating  Seattle’s Tree Protection Ordinance in 2019
Saturday July 6, 2019 10:15 AM to 12:15 PM
Broadview Library, 12755 Greenwood  Ave NE, Seattle, WA

Steve Zemke  – Chair – Coalition for a Stronger Tree Ordinance –
a Project of Friends of Seattle’s Urban Forest and TreePAC.

www.Friends.UrbanForests.org and www.TreePAC.org

PS. -You can help with a donation for this effort, click on this link to give a campaign donation to TreePAC today. Thanks      Donate here

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