TreePAC MHA Intervention – quick update


Since early discussions in November, TreePAC has officially pulled the trigger and issued an intervention to the appeal on the proposed changes to single-family properties relative to the environmental impacts from tree loss.

The links are below.

TreePAC hopes to hear back from the Deputy Hearing Examiner is our motion has been accepted by the end of the week. The appeal hearings will take place next week Monday – Friday (Mar 25-29) in the Office of the Hearing Examiner at the 40th floor of the Municipal Building Tower.

· Appellant Final Witness & Exhibit List 2/12/2019

· City Final Witness and Exhibit List 2/19/2019

· TreePAC Motion to Intervene 3/14/2019

· Clarification 3/14/2019

· City Response to Motion to Intervene 3/14/2019

· TreePAC_Reply_to_City_opposition.pdf 3/18/2019

full records of Queen Anne citywide appeal may be found at:

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